Colorful Insects

Jun 26, 2012 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Animals, Everything else, Images, World

Insects date back to over 300 million years and they can be really cool. Here is a compilation of colorful and beautiful insects! Enjoy!

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar


Coreid Bug Nymphs

Gasteracantha Cancriformis

Orchid Mantis

Hypercompe Scribonia

Piezodorus Lituratus

Miltochrista Sauteri

Oleander Hawk Moth

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

Spiny Flower Mantis

Malay Lacewing

Madagascan Moon Moth

Octauius Swordtail

Jewel Caterpillar

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Handmaiden Moths

Fungus Beetle

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  • yikes now i can’t sleep, so amazing yet so uh…

    • insects, i feel creepy. I don’t wan’t to scroll up closing the page. ccc

  • These are amazing wonderfull creatures and to be honest, i know a lot of creepy human beings

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