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Amazing Wacom illustrations by J. D.Christensen

Written by Smiler

Jan Ditlev Christensen is a concept artist currently working in the video games industry.  In his illustrations, he makes the viewer feel as present as possible. His work includes conceptual art for characters and environments, storyboarding for a number of short films, illustrations for children books and matte painting.

Jan_Ditlev-0001 Jan_Ditlev-0002 Jan_Ditlev-0003 Jan_Ditlev-0004 Jan_Ditlev-0005 Jan_Ditlev-0006 Jan_Ditlev-0007 Jan_Ditlev-0008 Jan_Ditlev-0009 Jan_Ditlev-0010 Jan_Ditlev-0011 Jan_Ditlev-0012 Jan_Ditlev-0013 Jan_Ditlev-0014 Jan_Ditlev-0015 Jan_Ditlev-0016 Jan_Ditlev-0017 Jan_Ditlev-0018 Jan_Ditlev-0019
Jan_Ditlev-0021 Jan_Ditlev-0022 Jan_Ditlev-0023 Jan_Ditlev-0024 Jan_Ditlev-0025 Jan_Ditlev-0026 Jan_Ditlev-0027 Jan_Ditlev Wacom illustrations Jan_Ditlev-0029

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