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Animals that look like celebrities

Written by Smiler

Check out this  funny collection of celebrities and animals similar to them.

Tina Turner – Chow Chow

Tina Tarner left Chow chow dog right

Prince – Miniature Pincher

Prince and miniature pincher animal dog

Hitler – Cat

Hitler and white black cat with stache

Wilford Brimley – Cat

Wilford Brimley as yellowish Cat with white stache

Mark Zuckerberg – Elephant Seal

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook and Elephant Seal sea animal

Lama – Taylor Lautner

Lama and  Taylor Lautner

Jack Black – French Bulldog

Comedian Jack Black and French bouldog

Josh Hartnett – Golden Retriever

Josh Hartnett and Golden Retriever

Flava Flav – Gremlin (not a real animal, but … :D)

Flava Flav look alike is gremlin not animal but...

Dog Bounty Hunter –  Lion

Dog Bounty Hunter look like  Lion

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