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Cat thieves

Written by Smiler

“Honest as a cat when the meat’s out of reach” Cats always sound hungry, and tired, and bored, and everything, but you know they are sneaky(real thieves). As soon as you turn your back they attack and they will do just about anything to get their paws on a tasty treat. They always know how to do it and they always have the impression for ”It wasn’t me”. Man invented the camera and now we know who did it. 

catscrime-0001 catscrime-0002 catscrime-0003 catscrime-0004 catscrime-0005 catscrime-0006 catscrime-0007 catscrime-0008 catscrime-0009 catscrime-0010 catscrime-0011 catscrime-0012 catscrime-0013 catscrime-0014 catscrime-0015 catscrime-0016

catscrime-0017 catscrime-0018 catscrime-0019 catscrime-0020Noo noo it wasn’t mee, you are wrong, I am just trying to find who did it

catscrime-0021 catscrime-0022

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