182 Countries in 60 Seconds

Written by LelaMay

Everyday life can be a real assault on your mental health. Kids, parents, work, health and you are tired! That is why you should take a break and travel so, maybe when you come back home problems will look very different. By the way you can find out a lot of interesting things:

1. You’ll become more open minded and learn to treat people with more respect;
2. It will develop skills you didn’t know you had;
3. You’ll learn geography;
4. It will make change your habits;
5. It gives you adventure and perspective;
6. If you feel a little worthless or useless it gives you a pride in self;
7. It gives you cool stories so you can become a story teller;
8. You can learn a language and so many other things!

So, pack your bag and leave! Have you noticed how much you laugh when you are travelling?

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