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Milion coffee beans mosaic

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Saimir Strati is an Albanian artist who is regarded as one of the world’s most well known modern mosaic artists. He can almost use any kind of material to create amazing mosaic masterpieces: corks, nails, eggshells, sea glass, toothpicks,compact discs, coffee… He already holds five Guinness records for various mosaics. Currently he is working on the sixth, called “One World, One Family, One Coffee”
That is a massive mosaic project made of approximately one million coffee beans.It is 25 square meters and weighs 140kg. It’s construction started in Tirana, Albania and it need to be done by December 12, 2011 to enter the Guinness World Records book again. The piece features five characters who each represent a different continent. The objective is to display a sense of unity across the world. Just two days until 12 so Good Luck Saimir Strati!!! Hope you will make it!!!

Strati coffee beans mosaic milion coffee beans mosaic cofee-0003 coffee beans mosaic cofee-0005

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