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Panda Obsession

Written by LelaMay

All the animals, all the creatures on the Earth are important in some way. They maybe appear insignificant but we are all a part of the web of life.  Extinction is a natural process. It happens even millions of years. The problem is the current speed at which species are disappearing. Everything is happens too fast.

The giant panda is one of these species threatened to be wiped off planet. Ironically, it is also one better known and loved species in the world and one of the strongest symbols of nature conservation.
That is one of the main reasons why they are so important: by mobilizing people to save the panda, we are actually helping preserve the rich biodiversity – plants, landscapes, other animals – that need to be there in order for the pandas to survive.

Ensuring other species keep their living space is not sentimental. It is the only way we shall survive. Panda Obsession

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