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Pascal Campion – Making Moments From Everyday Life, 1

Written by LelaMay

Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator. He is mostly influenced by everyday events. His simple shapes, lines and lighting give a whole new world, happy and warmhearted. He just makes everything seem so warm  and every image really feels like it has a story behind it.

“What are you thinking about when you are drawing?
When I’m drawing, I’m thinking about what the characters in my image are thinking, what they did the moments before the action they are doing in the image, the morning before, the days before. I sometimes think about what their jobs are, and how were there parents, and all that helps me figure out what the environment they live in looks like.
I also like to think about what the reader is going to think If I omit a few details, or if I add too much… is it going to help them figure out the story or confuse them?

I try to figure out the type of lighting and temperature I want this slice of life to be in, and based on that and the environment, I find a color palette that suits me and the image.”


Pascal Campion – Making Moments From Everyday Life, 2

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