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Flying food by Piotr Gregorczyk

Written by LelaMay

Food. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about it? Well, let’s say it’s cooking or simply having a meal. Probably most of us would think of it. Don’t rush yet. Have you ever seen a ‘flying food’? Wait, a flying what? Yes, a ‘flying food’. Not a lie though most of you would say so. It’s a pure art created by Piotr Gregorczyk , a still-life photographer settled in Camden, London. In his collection, he perfectly captured the moment of ‘flying’ no matter if it’s a sandwich, eggs falling down, food jumping out of the cooking pan. He literally gave wings to food. It really looks amazing and it’s pretty eye catching. See for yourself and you’ll convince in it.

Piotr Gregorczyk is a still-life photographer and retoucher based in Camden, London.

The photographs below reveal several healthy ingredients in our daily meal. The food was literally tossed and later flying food was captured brilliantly.  

piotr10 piotr piotr1 piotr2 piotr3 piotr4 piotr5 piotr6 piotr7 piotr8 piotr9

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