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Why simple when it can be complicated :)

Written by LelaMay

chart showing man and woman brain when they talk about collors


A couple weeks ago, I was sitting with my friend and we were drinking coffee. Suddenly he said: “I almost forgot it. I need to ask you something!”….” What is cyclamen??? I know it is a flower but actually I don’t know how does it look cyclamen color? Is it red, pink, purple??? I am asking you cause Elena(his girlfriend) likes a dress and she said “You should see it, it is awesome. It is cyclamen like and I really love it!”

“So, the problem is I like to buy it for her but what if it turns up it’s a wrong color? Oh God, why do women need to be so complicated?It is easier if you say only red, green, pink,… but, cyclamen color???WTF is that?”

I helped him. He made me laugh.

I didn’t know that colors can be soooo complicated for men.




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