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Akinobu Izumi’s Tiny World in a bottle

Written by Smiler

Japanese artist and architectural model maker Akinobu Izumi has created the series “A Tiny World in a Bottle”(H 22m / 0.9 inches, D 12mm / 0.5 inches).He used intricately cut paper, little pieces of cork and when necessary, liquid paraffin for a floating effect.Look through the glass and you can  see a lot of everyday scenes: a dinosaur, a tropical island, a sunken ship, a couple kissing in the park, underwater creatures. This is a true talent and one that must take an extreme amount of patience.

Akinobu Izumi penalty kick in a tiny bottle Autumn in a tiny bottle mini_art-0003 mini_art-0004 mini_art-0005 dinosaurs tiny bottle Akinobu Izumi mini_art-0007 mini_art-0008 paper ship tiny bottle kids slide tiny bottle island with palmtree mini_art-0012 mini_art-0013 paper medusa mini_art-0015

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