Eugenia Loli’s surreal collages

Written by LelaMay

Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses retro imagery and science book cut-outs to create surreal visual narratives. And the result is a colourful dreamy universe. Loli’s collages carry a deeper message, humorously revealed through her witty titles.  Her collages are provocative, refreshing, and often simply and blissfully silly. Here we bring you our selection of some of her futuristic collages. 
eating watermelons collages surreal flower collages breakfast collages by Eugenia Loli Vintage stock photos collages Vintage stock photos collages stress test collage interstellar collages light it up collage modern vintage collage driving around  bomber jets dropping hard candies by Eugenia Loli rocky start collage What's for diner collage stroll on Saturn collage discotheque collage humanization of all things collage

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