Japanese beauty and the cats by Sanshu Seiso

Written by Smiler

Not everybody loves art and same goes for cats. Are you one of those who loves both? If you are, then this is definitely the real thing for you. A perfect combination of art and cats that will definitely caught each cat lover’s eye without excluding those interested in art, respectively. Feeling curious? You still wonder how these two relate, you wonder who did it? Well, it’s Sanshu Seiso, a modern Japanese artist. Who says cats don’t have feelings? With his collection of cat drawings, he perfectly illustrates the cats’ world and emotions juxtaposed to the traditional opinion of a cat only being an animal and nothing more than that. From angry cats, to such who say hello and wave, cuddling cats, playing with each other, Seiso really has what to offer. He makes the simple be beautiful which is perhaps the best formula for an artist. Cat lovers, you will absolutely fall in love with his creations. And the rest, even if not being a cat lover but just keen on art, Seiso’s creations are worth looking at. You might even change your mind and become a cat lover even if not being one after you check them. Go ahead and take a look, you won’t regret anyhow.

Tho the art is in simplicity to get someone attention, from a perfect drawn picture to a few dot’s if it draws attention than it’s art. Sahshu Seiso is way more than that. Enjoy.



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