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Leaf Carving Art

Written by LelaMay

Leaf carving art is one of the newest art forms in recent years. It’s inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. 

Creating leaf art is a long and complex process. Leaves are put through a 60 step process such as, manually cutting and removing the outer surface of the leaf while leaving the leafs veins intact which add detail into the subject matter of the carving. Pressing, curing and dying are also just a few of the steps needed to prepare the leaf.

Talented artist using magnifying glass, then skillfully carve their masterpiece by hand. No painting or printing is involved. The most common leaf used in leaf carving is the leaf of a Chinar tree, which is native to India, Pakistan and China. 

leaf carving mona lisa
statue of liberty carved on a leaf
mona lisa carved on leaf art
telling a story about a girl feeding rabbit carved on leaf
kid with umbrella carved on leaf
love sharing between two kids carved on leaf
kid running with dog carved on leaf

ducks flying carved on leaf

horses running carved on leaf
leaf carving

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