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Incredible sand sculptures

Written by Smiler

Sand, water and a few digging and carving tools and here are the results. Amazing sand sculptures made at the World Championship in creating sculptures from sand held in Washington.
The tournament lasted a week, occupied by artists from around the world, divided into three categories: solo, duet and team work. The sculptures are fantastic, made with incredible precision and perfection. They represent the work of talented artists who spend many hours building them. Or to point out, the talent and skills that went into the works are really immense.

Some people were fortunate enough to visit and enjoy these really incredible sculptures.

elephant made of sand amazing sand sculpture castle clown sand sculptures sand sculptures World Championship in creating sculptures World Championship in creating sand sculptures creating sand sculptures sand_sculpture-0008 sand_sculpture-0009 sand_sculpture-0010 sand_sculpture-0011 sand_sculpture-0012 sand_sculpture-0013 sand_sculpture-0014 sand_sculpture-0015 sand_sculpture-0016 sand_sculpture-0017 sand_sculpture apocalyptic year 2065 view of the world, it was just a bad dream.

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