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Chinese pensioner Spends 30 years Collecting Cigarette Lighters

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Though cigarette lighters had been around, in one form or another,  for some time,  it was in 1926 that what we know as the first automatic lighter was born, and this Chinese pensioner, Cui You, spends 30 years collecting novelty cigarette lighters. He started in 1980 and he has collected more then 4500. His collection comes in all shapes and sizes including a bed, a gun, an umbrella, a beer bottle, a vase with flowers etc. and his favourite lighter is in the shape of an anti-aircraft gun.

chinese pensioner, cui you near his lighet collection

cui you holding the biggest lighter in his possesion the anti aircraft lighter

Cui You favorite lighter

light bulb lighters

china emperor lighter

water dispenser lighter, sugar box lighter, cooking pot ligher,

shoe lighters

paper stapler ligher

chinesse chair bad table lighters

flower ligher

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