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Looks Like Barbie Has Her Own Lake

Written by LelaMay

Did you know that there’s a pink lake in Australia? It’s called Hillier Lake and it’s located above the Islands, Western Australia Recherce in the Kalbarri Region. The lake’s colour is related to a specific species of green algae and bacteria. The lake is not always pink  but the distinctive colour of the water when the lake is pink is a result of the green alga Dunaliella salina and the halobacterium Halobacteria cutirubrum. Once the lake water reaches a salinity level greater than that of sea water, the temperature is high enough and adequate light conditions are provided, the alga begins to accumulate the red pigment beta carotene. The pink halobacteria grow in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake and the colour of the lake is a result of the balance between D. salina and H. cutirubrum.

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