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Brief introduction into minimalism

Written by LelaMay

Minimalism in living … It’s about trying to live with less and less things.

All you “need” is with you and you are self sufficient.

There are lots of people who are  suffering financially and they are doing so 
over “things” and the debt they’ve incurred acquiring and 
maintaining them…

Maybe that’s the point simplifying the things…but who knows?

I think minimalism is a trend, and people tend to attack anything trendy.  Minimalism isn’t about being cool or hip …It’s a critique of owning too much, of mindless buying of gadgets and big cars and clothes and other luxury items. 

By the way there are people who call themselves minimalists and they own electronic and peripheral expensive devices than clothes. Is that a minimalism???

Here is a brief introduction into minimalism 🙂

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