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When having a bad day is not enough

Written by Smiler

When you think this can only happen to you, you blame gods for it
you curse and act angry… Well it is not only you this can happen and happens to everyone.
So stop cursing and work on your karma a little bit. Stay funny and get along with it.

wine in store hit the floor lots of mess

When you don’t plan well enough about the height and weight

broken toilet sink

When you push a bit harder

broken plates

When your boss tell you this is your last day at work.

kid made a mess

When art class went wrong

broken sink

Wow that was close

phone having a bad day

Just one of those days aah

broken bridge by truck

Wood can hold lots of weight but obviously this was too much

cat making a mess

To have a pet means to carry for it give meals twice a day and cuddle it a bit more.

vacuum cleaner is not for glass

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