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Marutaro, the hedgehog

Written by Smiler

Marutaro is the most famous hedgehog in the world and he lives in Japan. 

His owner had fun to dress him up with paper cut-out faces with a variety of silly expressions and smiles. 

Some cool facts about hedgehogs:

  • They have about 5000 spines.  Each spine lasts about a year then drops out and a replacement grows.
  • There are 15 species of hedgehog.
  • Hedgehogs are largely immune to snake venom that means they can eat vipers


Hedgehog marutaro1 Hedgehog marutaro2 Hedgehog marutaro3 Hedgehog marutaro4 Hedgehog marutaro5 Hedgehog marutaro6 Hedgehog marutaro7 Hedgehog marutaro8 Hedgehog marutaro9 Hedgehog marutaro10 Hedgehog marutaro11 Hedgehog marutaro12 Hedgehog marutaro13 Hedgehog marutaro14

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