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Owls Obsession

Written by LelaMay

Owls are found worldwide in a huge range of habitats from rainforests to tundra.There are about 162 different species of owls alive today. They are nocturnal hunting birds with eyes that face forwards and they are closely related to hawks.  Some are able to rotate their head up to 270 degrees. All of them  are carnivorous birds of prey and live mainly on a diet of insects and small rodents such as mice, rats and hares. With exceptional vision, acute hearing, and the ability to fly silently, they are a stealthy and effective hunter.  Some owls are also specifically adapted to hunt fish.

Many cultures have associated the following attributes to the owl:  intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power, knowledge, intuition, messages, mysticism, mystery, unconscious, silent observation,      independence, protection, bravery, transition, longevity, reincarnation.Owls Obsession.

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