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Unusual High Heels


Ladies, try to walk in these shoes!!! 🙂

Ladies, not every one of you loves wearing high heels, but to those who do, what you’ll see will absolutely attract your attention. Do you believe there exist such designs as lego high heels. Lady giraffe, spine high heels made from glass and even such made of wire? Sounds impossible but it’s not. There are also thorny high heels, police car heels, such with curve heel, doggy ones and much more. The variety of exceptionally unusual, pretty eye- catching and at the same time challenging designs will make you think if you want to wear them. It sounds impossible until it’s done. So just check out the photos and dare to try them. Will you?

Not everybody can wear high hells but those who can can try these and share the experience.


elegant lady shoe

Lego High heel lady shoe

very unique lady high heel

Unusual High Heels

High heel made of glass

I bet no one wear those

Lady high heel with sharp metal iron

Any lady with this shoe need to wear a sign stay back or get hurt 🙂

high heel with skeleton image

Concert buddies

Lady high heel made from slingshot


unique lady high heel

high heel that look like puppy

Dog looking high heel

Want to stay classy and are invited to go on pillow fight !!!

Zebra lady high heel

Unique lady high heels

Everything in the name of ART

Party time hig heels

2030 police officer high heels

Equipped with who knows what.

Opel Agila lady high heel

Duck lady high heel

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