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Written by LelaMay

Unique, stylish, funny…Things that I like about new technology is how it has influenced creative people to create and share their work.


Enjoy these photos!

Bling mouse

cool tech mouse

Socket Sense Surge Protector

surge protector look like smileys

iPod- Classic Mini Amplifier

ipod and sound amplifier

Cool tech to maximize your sound experience with ipod

A floating waterproof speaker for your pool or tub

floating waterproof speaker

interesting cool tech idea, why not listen some music while you swimming

Go new-old-school with a USB typewriter

old school typewriter connected to tablet

“Antique Victorian” Keyboard Mouse Combo

victorian era looking keyboard

Steam punk is amazing

USB Pet Rock(and it doesn’t make DANG thing)

usb pet rock

USB Panda Flash Drive

Usb panda flash drive

 USB Film Roll

usb filmroll flash drive

 Designer Steampunk iPhone 4 Cover

steampunk iphone cover

 Coffee Cup Power Inverter

cofee cup with inverter

It’s an iPhone bunny!

iphone bunny

Scary Alarm Clock

Dart Vader alarm clock

 Star Wars Style Led Umbrella

Star wars light sabre umbrella

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