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Unusual fences

Written by Smiler

You want to get everyone’s attention and you don’t know how



You want to get everyone’s attention and you don’t know how 🙂 Build a strange fence around your house or around your garden and you will get it!!! Here you are some really unusual ideas for fence and some of them are really cool!!!

Bike fence

unusual bike fence

bike fence that will get everyone attention

Bra fence

bra fence don't touch this

bra fence

Shoe fence

unusual shoe fence

unusual slippers fence

Ski fence

fence maid of ski

ski fence

almost rainbow ski fence

Pencil fence

pencil fence

pencil fence rainbow collors

unusual pencil fence

Surfboard fence

fance made from old surfing boards

surfing board fence

Cactus fence

amazing cactus fence

cactus fence

cactus fence good for view but hard to pass

This is unusual but creative and effective way to protect your household no need spikes or barbed wire be unusual and creative.

Stick fence

simple stick fence

stick fence

not so unusual nor creative but it works

Licence plate fence

licence plate fence

Amazingly decorated fence

decorated fence with masks

fence with decorated cd-s

Bottle fence

unusual bootle fence

watch out for cameras 😛

plastic bootle fence

fence with nestea ice tea

Tumbling acrobat fence

acrobat fence

Wheel fence

old rusty wheel fence

Fence made from bike wheels

fence made from circular iron items very creative

wheel fence

Flower fence

Flower fence protecting flowers

unusual piece of art unnatural flower fence

Graffiti fence
It is cool, looks good, and adds color to the neighborhood.

grafitti on fence

graffiti on fence


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