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So Silly and Ingeniously Written

Written by LelaMay

If you don’t like science fiction, maybe the books of Douglas Adamswill make you love it, just for the laughs. They are amazingly hilarious and make you yearn for more and the most amazing thing about Adams’ humor is that is  exceptionally intellectual  and that it seems everyone “get” it!

I found myself out loud laughing to his books, so silly and ingeniously written! 

Hope this post will make you read at least one of them or maybe buy them as a Christmas present! 

HaPpY HoliDaYs!!!

Douglas Adams in the beginning the universe was created...
My capacity for happiness
universe teory Douglas Adamsflying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss Douglas Adams
if there's anything more important than my ego around i want it caught and

god final message to his creation we apologize for the inconvenience

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