La Perla Divina

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In the southwestern the Philippines, there is a mysterious island, where the rare golden pearls are produced. That place is Palawan and people called the “Island of the Gods” Believe me, it is not without a reason. This island is full of enjoyment, spectacular sea and beautiful landscapes. The rain forest mangroves, coral reefs,  caves, the beaches and the clear blue waters will leave you breathless. This island is a ideal breeding ground of the worldfamous golden pearls.  Pearls come in a variety of colours, shape, sizes and forms. There is even multi-colored  pearls, but the South Sea Golden Pearl is the most difficult to produce. Pinctada maxima pearl oysters are the only oyster that produces South Sea pearls. Each oyster takes 5 years and 323 steps to produce one such gem. Any change in temperature and water conditions can affect the oysters. There’s only a 10% chance that the oysters create the natural golden pearl.

palawan island of the gods

people shaking hands near red helicopter at palawan island

oysters from palawan island

people taking oyster carton boxes to red helicopter

palawan police officer watch oyster catchers as they pass through

Jacques Branellec,

To ensure survival and proliferation, marine biologists have narrowed down 10 species of algae, out of the hundreds of thousands in the world, to be used by oysters as food for growth. 

There are several pearl firms that actively operate at Palawan but only one cultivates the rare divine pearl. Jewelmer with its managing director and co-founder, Jacques Branellec,  is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced golden pearls. 

“La Perla Divina” is the only living organic gem and needs neither polishing nor enhancements to bring out its natural beauty.

people searching for pearls


man in mask holding iron plate with oysters ready for checking for golden pearls

man in mask hold iron oyster home

palawan security forces inspect shipping boat



oyster breeding in ocean

man swim near oyster breeding facility under water

people checking for golden pearls from harvested oysters

Jacques Branellec started his career flying airplanes before landing himself the good fortune of culturing pearls and making fine jewellery. From a pilot, he became one of the founders of the black pearl industry and established “Polynesie Pearl.” It is the ultimate orient  philosophy, “the passion for perfection in every step of pearl farming on the quest for the perfect pearl”, which drives and inspires him to succeed. “Growing pearls is a real craft industry.” he explains.  “Anything that the oyster feel or experience is directly reflected in the pearl which can therefore lose its quality. It is a long road to attain perfection.”  He is an ecologist both by conviction and  by necessity.a37



harvesting oysters from small boat


checking oyster for golden pearls near a bowl full with pearls

macro image from extracted pearl


The golden pearl is a precious product which can only be created when nature and man-made factors are mixed in harmony.  Their value depends on various criteria, most of which are subjective: there colour, their shine and their lustre. Some of the pearls are indeed sold as a very high price. For example, a Japanese men felt “so in love” with a golden pearl that he bought it from Jewelmer  for 500,000 $. 

Look beyond the physical beauty of the golden pearl and look at it, as a symbol of hope for environmental regeneration!!!

golden pearls





golden oyser pearl jewelry


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