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Can I whisper in your ear?

Written by LelaMay

Everyone on this planet has a different way to communicate. Animals can communicate too. Can you imagine what they are talking about?

Have fun with this funny animal whispering pictures.

The Cat: Let me tell you something. Today the vet said I need a hobby!

The Dog: I was pretty sure eating and sleeping were your hobbies.

small kitten wisper to dog ear

cat tells dog to stay calm

The Cat: You’ ve got to stop sleeping next to the radiator!!!

cat talk to dog ah animals

one more move and you grounded

The Dog: I saw an advertising … there is a new fish- flavored ¬†coffee for cats!!! haha No sleeping for you anymore!!!

dog wisper to cat
cat wisper to dog

The Cat: You know what?¬†Larry is living …Finally we got rid of him! I was so allergic!

The Cat: You are kidding me!!! N0 way!

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