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Things To Make You Laugh

Written by LelaMay

Everyday, find something to smile about! Hope surfing the net you will find this post and smile cause the smiling is contagious, changes your mood, brings positive reactions, relieves stress! It is difficult to think of negative things while smiling! 😀

when your parents accuse you of lying to them just look at them in the eye and say, easter bunny! santa clause! tooth fairy!
house upside down
the original computer pencil
press any key to start. where is the any key?!
someone is wrong on the internet.
huge iceberg not so huge on the surface
one dollar funny
stop trying to fit in when you where born to stand out
words can hurt or heal what did yours today?
if someone wants to be a part of your life they'll make, an effort to be in it
a man asked a fairy to make him desirable and irresistible to all women. she turned him int a credit card
god doesn't give you the people you want he gives you the people you need

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