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Fall Is Here

Written by LelaMay

Autumn is a season when the sun falls below the equator to spring back up again six months later. Like every season, it has its unique events and sights, sounds and smells. First days of school, Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving Day. Packing summer clothes and unpacking the winter ones.The taste of hot cider and plain fried doughnuts. A turkey roasting through the afternoon and a hot apple pie. The last warmth of the sun. Chilly mornings and glorious warm afternoons. Colored leaves: a spectrum of shades between the green shades of summer and the dull browns of winter. Crimson, fiery red, maroon, ruddy orange, pure orange,  yellow orange, soft yellows and bright yellows. Autumn means love, it means smiles, it means life! Enjoy it!

autumn leaves pouring from the trees illustration
couple siting on a park bench autumn illustration

horses in autumn illustration
fairy tale tree in autumnautumn leaves

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